Who am I and what on earth made me decide to blog about funerals, death, & dying?

I’m someone just like you.

I’m an adult child, a sister, a mother, a baby boomer, and have survived the deaths of both my parents.

I’m someone just like you personally, but someone who knows more of the “just plain” facts about death, dying, and dealing with it.

I am someone with a career in marketing, that ended up in the “funeral industry.”

I am someone with a wacky sense of humor, who wants to make this very difficult subject easier for you and your family.

So visit often, ask questions, make comments, start talking about the unavoidable final trip we all take. It’ll be fun! I promise.

Come back to find out the many many details and options of disposing of . . . well . . .you!


7 thoughts on “Author

  1. Cremation or green burial with no embalming and no fancy casket or outer liner/vault. If I am cremated I want my ashes spread over places I loved, and if I’m buried, well I don’t know where id want to be since ive thought more of spread ashes.??? Wherever I am I just want to be placed in the earth in a way that my body goes back to earth the quickest possible way!! Congrats on surviving your parents’ death. My parents ate getting old around 80 and it makes me sad!! God made us in the beginning but it seems we are left to tie up all the ends down here. I’m not that strong. I think he needs to somehow help out!!! 🙂 Hard issues for a girl who was taught we were n the last days and the rapture was going to happen!!!!! 😉

    • If you have children or other family that might survive you, please be sure to include them in your plans. In the words of Kendra, my daughter, “Mom, you’ll be dead, so you won’t know.” She said this when I told her that I did NOT want a viewing/visitation. She pointed out that SHE needed it. It would provide her comfort – so of course, I told her to do it. A funeral or whatever is for the survivors grief process – it’s their way to honor your life lived.

      I had also talked with my mother about the fact that I don’t like visiting graves and being responsible for ‘decorating’ them (ie keeping the correct seasonal flowers on it). She said she didn’t care if I did or didn’t. She wouldn’t know. So, I feel no guilt for not following the southern tradition of the Spring and Fall visits to clean up the family graves in a cemetery. I have an aunt and a sister who get a lot of peace out of that, so they handle it. To each their own on this very personal issue.

      No worries, Robyn, He will provide the strength you need. I had asked God to please let me be by my mother’s side holding her hand when she died, and He did! Tell Him of your needs. He’ll take care of you.


  2. I have a friend whose parents called the children in to share all the “end of life” planning they had done. After sharing all the important information and giving each of them a packet of information to keep for the “big day”. My friend said, ” This is wonderful and we appreciate that you want to save of worry and expense at a time when we will be so upset and sad. But there’s one little thing here, I’m guessing the two of you won’t die on the same day and in the same place — these plans are for a one funeral for both of you.”

    • That is so funny Glinda! Once, while working for a funeral home, I had gotten a great new book on funeral planning, bought two ~ so I could share it with my mom.

      Well… I gave it to her the day she came home from the hospital when she had her knee replacement.

      She looked at me sweetly and said, “Patti, you do realize I came through the surgery okay and don’t need this right now!”

      NOTE TO MY READERS: Timing can be everything when you want to discuss someone’s funeral plans.

  3. I like the helpful information you provide in your articles. I’ll bookmark your weblog and check again here frequently. I’m quite certain I will learn a lot of new stuff right here! Good luck for the next!

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