What Funeral Home Owners Can Learn from Old Rockers (and I don’t mean chairs)

” Regardless the medium, you have to speak to them in ways that can capture people’s attention. Stay fresh and relevant, interesting and even iconoclastic, because that’s who these people are. In other words, be non-funeral.”

A share from a fellow blogger.

Funeral Advertising for the Perplexed

Mick_OldWatching Jackson Browne and the remaining Eagles performing during the Grammy Awards this past week really got me thinking.  Man, these guy are OLD.  Well, NO, not really.  They’re not much older than I am, and in my head, I’m far from old.

In fact, as I think about some of my musical idols, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Tina Turner, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and others…these rockers are still going strong…and they’re in their 70s!  And just behind them are Bonnie Raitt, Alice Cooper, Steven Tyler and a bunch of other icons who are deep into their 60s but a very long way from the retirement home.

So what does “old” mean in 2016?  A generation ago, anyone 65 or older was handed a gold retirement watch, their first social security check and a free ticket to the Pearly Gates valid anytime.  But today, you see people in their 60s…

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