Funeral videos – funny and factual

These are videos I found on YouTube. I’ve been to many funerals and many funeral homes. Trust me…there IS humor in death and dying. If you don’t think so,  then perhaps you need to have someone check your pulse? 😉  The factual ones are for the curious ones….again, if you don’t think people have a very “morbid curiosity”.. THEY DO!

Want to take a peek at the back rooms of a funeral home? BEHIND THE SCENES Rick Koster goes Behind the Scenes at the Byles Memorial Home in New London. (Video by Peter Huoppi)

Funerals in Black & White Comedian Rod Allison’s comical take on the differences in black and white funerals from his personal experiences.

BUSY? Drive through viewings.

A rainy day at the funeral home Sometimes it’s not a good idea for funeral directors to have too much time on their hands.

Green Hill Funeral Home learning how to use IMovie

Want to take a peek at what happens at the cemetery before the service? BEHIND THE SCENES .

John Wayne calls a funeral home You gotta hear this one!

Funeral Customs Museum  Located in historic Springfield, Illinois, the museum opened in April 2001.


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