What are they going to say about me after I’m gone?

Funerals don’t have to be boring. They should reflect the personality of the deceased.

A funeral should be a celebration of the life that was lived. There should be stories shared, memories and lots of laughter remembering the good times you had with someone you loved. RIP to the decedents, and many thanks to the families for sharing. I hope my family does the same for me. I am proud to say that is what we managed to do for my mother.

I did a You Tube search on funerals. Here are a few that I liked. Some are funny, others are touching, some are merely class projects, and one is a “how to” video.  I’ve also included the trailer from the movie Eulogy. CAUTION: some contain language not appropriate for children.

I hope you laugh, but mostly I hope you start thinking, “What are they going to say about me after I’m gone?” and live your life accordingly.

Funny and Wise Eulogy I love this one. What a wonderful tribute. What a strong daughter.

Funerals in Black and White Amen…

Very unusual but moving eulogy I laughed out loud with this one! I hope people are laughing at my funeral.

A teen’s personal project just for laughs. Based on Death and Funerals.

When I think of my Grandma Rosie

Labor of Love: A Video Eulogy

Eulogy for Grandpa

Tribute for a best friend

Graham Chapman’s funeral – John’s Cleese’s speech at Grahan Chapman’s funeral.

Cher’s eulogy for Sonny


Little girl giving a Eulogy for her fish, Lucky

Best Funeral EVER (note: this is faked for April Fools Day)


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